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Adding Light to Dark Spaces with a Cupola

Did you know that natural light exposure can improve your mood? Adding a cupola is a great addition to areas of your home or building that need a little bit more light. If you suffer from seasonal depression or lack of Vitamin D – a cupola might be the perfect home addition for you. With the natural light that flows in from a cupola, you can also reduce your reliance on artificial light. In turn, this means a lower energy bill each month!

Exposure to Natural Light: Why It Matters

The need for exposure to natural light dates back thousands of years. Back then, humans spent far more time outdoors and received plenty of natural light. The modern amenities of today’s society have resulted in people spending more time indoors – in spaces without ample natural light flowing in.

Exposure to natural light is important for the production of Vitamin D, a hormone with many vital roles in our bodies. Natural light is involved in energy and focus, mood, sleep, and a variety of other components of our health and wellness. Those who work from home or in office jobs often do not get much exposure to natural light regularly.

Allow Light In with a Cupola

Similar to a sunroof or a skylight, cupolas with windows instead of louvers can allow extra sunlight into a space. To place this type of cupola, an opening needs to be present on the roof to allow light in. Valley Forge Cupolas offers a huge selection of windowed cupolas. In addition, some of our windowed cupolas feature hinges that allow the windows to open. This can allow for natural ventilation in addition to the natural light that comes through the windows.

If you’re looking to liven up a dark space, a windowed cupola might be for you. Our unique selection of window cupolas offers something for everyone and can easily match the style of your structure. To learn more, browse our site to see examples of work we’ve done, and call us to talk more about your vision for your cupola. Let us help you add light to any space!