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Cupolas and Weathervanes: Matching Styles for a Cohesive Look

If you’re considering adding a new cupola and a weathervane to your building, your property is in for a real treat! The combination of a matching cupola and weathervane instantly enhances the aesthetics of your building. However, when choosing styles, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with matching quickly.

Choosing cupolas and weathervanes that complement each other is a great idea for producing a cohesive look. Below, explore some top factors to consider to help you pair your cupola and weathervane selection perfectly.

Choose the Same Material

While some people may choose a mixed-media look, creating a cohesive look is best done with matching materials. For example, if you’re choosing a copper cupola, a matching copper weathervane will compliment it perfectly! Using the same material will make the entire piece flow, instead of appearing mismatched.

Consider the Style of the Home

Although you may fall in love with a cupola style on its own, the style should blend seamlessly with the style of a home. A more traditional cupola for weathervane combination may not look appropriate in a very modern home. On the other hand, a rustic home will not look right with an ultra-modern weathervane.

We offer a custom approach too, if you’re looking for a stunning way to set your home apart from others on the block. Ask the Valley Forge Cupola team to request a custom quote for a weathervane or a cupola. Our digital quote system involves sending us a picture of the structure you’re seeking a cupola or weathervane for. From there, we create a rendering to give you an idea of how your new addition will look.

Remember Your Budget

While it’s easy to get carried away in finding the perfect matching style, don’t forget that more advanced cupolas may cost you more. At Valley Forge Cupolas, we can help you work within a specific budget.

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