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Cupolas for Larger Homes

Cupolas are a great way to enhance the appearance of homes of any size, from tiny homes to mansions! If you own a larger home, you might have wondered what size is most appropriate for a cupola for your home. Choosing the right size cupola is important so your cupola is visible from a distance, without overpowering the beauty of your home.

At Valley Forge Cupolas, we know just how to appropriately size your cupola for your home. Larger homes can sometimes come with specific challenges, but our years of expertise make us well-qualified to handle them. Sometimes, long unbroken stretches of the roof may require more than one cupola, whereas multiple rooflines can make sizing difficult.

Our Approach

As cupola specialists, we can tackle any of your concerns about choosing a cupola for a larger home. Our years of knowledge and expertise will help guide you through choosing the perfect cupola combination for your home. When you work with us, we’ll provide guidance and suggestions, allowing you to choose the perfect one-of-a-kind cupola that meets your vision.

Sizing and Style Selection

In general, we recommend 1.25” of cupola for every foot of unbroken roof ridge line on your home. While there may be some exceptions for extremely long roofs, this rule of thumb can serve as a starting point. When it comes to style, many homeowners with larger roofs love adding louvers to their cupolas, which add light and ventilation to the attic space.

Learn More about Designing Your Custom Cupola

Want to get an idea of how a cupola might look in your home? We offer custom digital quotes, which serve to provide a visual representation to help guide your shopping experience. To get a digital quote, simply send us a photo of your home or building to and we will respond promptly.

Not sure where to start or what type of cupola will look good on your larger home? Many of our customers rely on our recommendations and guidance, backed by our years of expertise. No matter where you are in the process, we’ve got you covered. Call us today at (866)-400-1776.