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Cupolas with Windows that Open

Did you know that some cupolas feature windows that open? If you select a cupola with windows, these windows can serve a functional purpose beyond their style. At Valley Forge Cupolas, we offer a wide array of both windowed and non-windowed cupolas, ideal for every shopper’s needs.

Our cupolas with windows can be made with a hinge located on the inside. The hinge allows windows to be opened and closed as needed, allowing airflow into a space. For garages and attics, this can be especially helpful to help improve ventilation in the area, most importantly during the very warm summer months or very cold winter months.

If you plan on going into your attic or storage space during these times, a cupola with windows that open might be a great choice for you. Furthermore, the ventilation of windows that open may be helpful for areas where smells or moisture may accumulate. Opening the windows of a cupola can improve temperatures and moisture, reducing the chance of mold accumulation.

Should you add windows to your cupola?

Cupola windows can be opened by loosening the screw located on the outside. When you purchase a windowed cupola, our cupola specialists can walk you through how this can be done. 

Some people also want to add windows to their cupola to allow natural light to flow into a space. This can really help brighten up dark rooms or spaces in your home or business space. A window cupola can also create a unique look at night, drawing the eye to the cupola. With windows that can open, homeowners can easily add light bulbs inside the cupola to make the cupola glow during the nighttime hours.

Not sure whether you should add windows on a hinge to your custom cupola? Speak with our cupola specialists to help guide your purchasing decision. While this is a personal decision, we recommend considering your style and usage preferences to help determine if hinges are needed for your cupola windows.

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