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Everything You Wanted to Know About Cupolas

As you shop for the best cupola for your home, we know you’re bound to have some questions along the way. Throughout our years in the industry, we’ve heard many of the same questions by shoppers just like you.

As such, we’ve compiled a go-to resource in this list below, answering questions to the most frequently asked questions. Below, explore everything you wanted to know about cupolas and more!

Frequently Asked Cupola Questions

Q: What’s the purpose of adding a cupola?

A: Cupolas serve many purposes, both for functional use and aesthetics. Of course, Valley Forge Cupola’s offers beautiful, hand-crafted cupolas that can instantly enhance the look of your home, business, or building. We offer a huge selection of cupolas that can match any style of home.

While cupolas are certainly beautiful, these amazing structures are also functional. Cupolas can add light and enhance ventilation in spaces, helping to lower energy costs. In addition, putting a cupola on your home can help enhance it’s value and set it apart from other homes on the block or in the neighborhood.

Q: What colors are available in cupolas?

A: Valley Forge Cupolas offers a huge variety of colors and types of materials in our cupola selection. If you can’t find something you love, ask us about a custom cupola, which can be made to fit your unique preferences. We recommend choosing a cupola that complements your home’s architectural style and design, as well as coordinating colors. Cupolas can also be painted if you wish to change the aesthetic appearance in the future.

Q: How much does a cupola cost?

A: Our handcrafted cupolas range in price, depending on sizing and materials used. The best way to get an idea of how much your cupola will cost is to speak directly with us, your cupola specialists. Contact us anytime online, by phone, or via email and we’d be happy to work through pricing for your dream cupola.

Start Gathering Ideas

Need some inspiration? Start by browsing our cupola gallery to see pictures of past projects we’ve done. This can help you get an idea of what you’d like for your cupola project!