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Getting Your Home Ready for the Summer

Even in the winter, it's never too early to begin getting your home ready for the summer. As summer always tends to go by too soon, you don't want to spend the best months of the year getting your home ready for entertaining. That's why the winter months are the best time to get your home ready to host pool parties, cookouts, and more. Discover a few ways you can get started preparing your home in advance for the best summer possible.

Patio Furniture 

Having the right patio furniture can make or break your ability to comfortably entertain outdoors in the summer. Without enough chairs or seating, guests won't be able to relax and enjoy. Plus, you want to think about getting outdoor patio furniture that is comfortable and enjoyable.

Upgrading your patio furniture in the winter months is the perfect time! At Valley Forge Cupolas, we offer a new lineup of handcrafted, quality outdoor furniture. Discover our selection of fire pits and chairs, ideal for a cozy summer night.

Our fire pit chairs and polywood fire pit chairs are durable and stylish - offering functional furniture that makes it easier to entertain. Plus, our patio furniture is customizable in a number of finishes that give you the flexibility to create an outdoor space that is uniquely yours.

Declutter Your Garage

Does your garage seem to gather random clutter? If so, you're not alone. All of this clutter in the garage can make it difficult to see what you have and difficult to access your outdoor items for the summer, such as bicycles and pool items. The winter is the perfect time to organize and declutter your garage of unused items. This may not sound like the most exciting task, but it's surely one that will save you time during the critical summer months.

Get a Stylish Mailbox

If your mailbox is looking dated or tired, consider a winter upgrade to one of our handcrafted mailboxes. We offer attractive styles and modern designs that will impress your summer party guests! Learn more about ordering new patio furniture or a stylish mailbox today -- contact us at 866-400-1776.