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Gifting a Cupola Lantern

Looking for something unique to gift to a friend or family member this holiday season? A cupola lantern by Valley Forge Cupolas is the perfect gift to light up any home and bring smiles throughout the holiday season. This is a great gift that someone may not even know they want until it is gifted!

Our beautiful collection of cupola lanterns is designed to greet you with a warm welcome, bringing your home’s style to a whole new level. With more styles and new colors to choose from, there’s a cupola lantern for every taste preference in our product line-up.

Newest Cupola Lantern Options

For a traditional look, check out our brand-new Olde Colony Copper Lantern. This style is sleek and sophisticated spanning 22” high. We love that this style is authentic and old-world, yet still modern in its own way.

Another one of our newest cupola lantern options is the Seafarer Lantern, which has a circular design and bronze finish. For a more traditional look, our American Heritage Lantern has a rectangular lantern design instead.

No matter which of our newest options you choose, you get the same high-quality and durable construction of all Valley Forge Cupola products. There are so many exciting possibilities and color combinations to choose from as you select the perfect cupola lantern and lantern post to gift. From basic neutrals to bright pops of color, we know you’ll find something that will make the perfect gift.

Cellular-PVC Lantern Posts

Of course, you can’t have a cupola lantern without a post to hold it on! Valley Forge Cupolas uses the highest grade cellular PVC to build durable lantern posts that are made to withstand the elements and last for many years. Each design promises lasting beauty for any home or business. Should you have any questions about caring for or maintaining your cupola lantern or post, send us a message and we’d be happy to help!

Got Questions?

Have questions about purchasing or gifting a cupola lantern and lantern post? We’re here to help any time. Contact us today to ask us questions and get expert advice from Valley Forge’s trusted cupola specialists!