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Should You Add A Cupola to a New Construction Home?

Building a new construction home comes with many choices and decisions, both on the interior and exterior. When it comes to the exterior, adding a cupola to your home is one option that can set your home apart from the rest.

As cupola experts, we’ve put together this guide to help you decide if you should add a cupola to your new construction home. These helpful consideration points are designed to help guide your decision-making process, each step of the way. Let’s dive in!

Consider the Architectural Style of the Home

Before deciding to add a cupola, consider the architectural style of the new construction home you are building. A cupola can help to enhance the curb appeal of a variety of different types of homes. Plus, we offer custom cupola designs if you can’t find one of our pre-made options that match your needs. We specialize in helping you find the right style cupola for any home. Remember to also consider the type of roof the new construction home will have, as this can impact your cupola choice as well.

Property Value Enhancement

As you build a new construction home, look a bit into the future and consider your plans. Are you planning to live there for a short time and then sell the home? Do you plan on living there forever? Is this home being built to sell? These are all questions worth asking. Adding a cupola to a home can help enhance its resale value, setting it apart from other homes.

Of course, budget considerations are also something to take into consideration if you plan to add a cupola. Cupola pricing can vary quite a bit depending on the style, material, and sizing needed. When you call us, we can work with you to get you a quote on the type of cupola you are interested in.

Knowing the amount can then help you better budget and determine if a cupola addition can be added to your budget. Let’s get started planning a cupola for your new construction home! Contact us today at 866-400-1776 or through our website contact form.