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Spring Inspiration for Home Upgrades

With Groundhog Day just around the corner, our favorite groundhog will let us know whether we have a bright spring ahead or a few more weeks of winter to endure. Regardless of the outcome, we’re getting excited about spring – and not just for the warmer weather. 

The springtime is a great time to begin tackling those “bucket list” home projects to update your home. Once you’ve finished your spring cleaning projects, consider these spring projects for inspiration to upgrade the look of your home.

Replace Your Garden Mulch

After a long winter, your garden mulch is bound to need replacement. If you live around us in snowy PA, chances are your mulch is looking faded or dirty. Replacing your garden mulch is a simple task that can seriously elevate the look of your landscaping just in time for spring. Not only is this task fairly simple, but it’s pretty inexpensive (especially if you can find a great deal on mulch at a nearby landscaping or home store).

Upgrade with a Cupola

A cupola is a great upgrade for the springtime and a way to help give your home a new appearance. The rooftop is often one of the most forgotten areas when it comes to home upgrades, yet an important one. Valley Forge Cupolas offers an exceptional selection of the highest-quality cupolas, made from materials that are made to withstand all elements. 

Explore some inspiration from our recently completed projects, or ask us to create a custom cupola design just for you! If you want to take things even more to the next level, check out our lampposts, mailboxes, and patio furniture to upgrade your home just in time for spring. Contact us today to ask any questions you have about our products or offerings.

Power Wash

Dirty driveways, pavement, and sidewalks can seriously bring down the look of your home. Renting a power washer or using a local company can help your home look cleaner and brighter, all around. While this isn’t the most exciting task for spring, it’s certainly one that elevates the appearance of your home in time for hosting spring gatherings.