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Summertime Garden Designs

Summertime is just around the corner – and we cannot wait! The summer is an excellent time to spruce up your garden, adding color and vibrancy through plants, shrubs, decor, and more. 

If you’re looking for a way to change up your garden’s theme this year, don’t forget to include your cupola in your design. Cupolas that are part of gazebos, sheds, gardens, and more offer a fun structure to tie in the theme of your garden. Below, discover a few of our favorite summertime garden designs that can enhance the look of your cupola.

Bright Summer Florals

Bright summer florals can jazz up the appearance of a neutral cupola. If you have a cupola that sits on the ground, consider surrounding it with petunias or sunflowers to add a pop of color to your garden. If your cupola is atop a roofline, choose flowers to plant around your property that match the color scheme of the cupola. This can draw the eye upwards towards your cupola when people approach your home!

Tropical Theme

Revamping your landscaping to include a tropical theme is another great summertime idea that can also include your cupola. The tropical theme is likely to include bright, tropic flowers, palm trees, and exotic accents that make you think of an island destination. Tropical–themed gardens might also include fountains or other water elements.

Beach Vibes

Nothing says the summer like the beach! Using pastel-colored decor, striped patterns and wooden accents can give your garden a summertime feel. You can even jazz up your cupola with a new weathervane with your favorite sea animal, like a whale, to complete the beach look. This garden idea is perfect for gardens at beach or vacation homes too.

Choosing a New Cupola

Don’t have a cupola yet or want to replace your existing cupola? Valley Forge Cupolas can help you bring your vision to life just in time for the summer. Talk to us today to learn more about our digital custom quotes, which can help you visualize how a cupola will look on your home or other structure. Let’s start brainstorming today!