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The Coolest Mailboxes from Valley Forge Cupolas

Did you know that Valley Forge Cupolas offers handcrafted mailboxes too? While the Lancaster, PA region may know us for our stunning cupolas, many people also choose us for handcrafted mailboxes, lanterns, and posts. Choosing a new mailbox for your home or business is another way to add color and style, enhancing the curb appeal with ease.

Tired of a boring mailbox that came with your home? Add your own personal touch to your home or business with a Valley Forge Cupola mailbox.When combined with a shiny new cupola, your home will surely be the best looking on the block.

Poly-grain Mailbox Posts

Your mailbox post serves as more than just a place to hold your mailbox. Your post needs to be high quality, and resistant to the weather while also adding style. Our poly-grain lantern posts come in four beautiful finishes, which include ivory, gray, chestnut, and brown.

At Valley Forge Cupolas, we’ve chosen to use poly-grain lumber for a few reasons. First and foremost, this material will last a lifetime while resisting fading, cracking, peeling, and rotting. You can feel confident about your investment with one of our poly-grain mailbox posts! This material is perfect for holding up in any environment. 

Mailbox Options

After you’ve selected your stunning mailbox post, it’s time to choose the mailbox itself. We offer several styles to choose from, including traditional mailboxes and more decorative options, such as our Providence Plus Mailbox. Each aluminum mailbox comes in several colors, and we can even customize your house numbers for a unique look.

At Valley Forge Cupolas, our goal is to make your shopping process as easy as can be. Speak with our specialists to ask any questions you may have! We’re always here to help. Our goal is to combine functionality and quality, leaving you with a long-lasting mailbox. Contact us at any time by phone or reach out to us through our website to begin your customized selection process.