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Types of Buildings for Cupolas

Have you noticed the stunning cupolas on buildings around your town? Cupolas add a beautiful touch to nearly every type of building, from commercial businesses to homes. With so much variety in sizing, colors, and styles of cupolas, Valley Forge Cupolas is here to help you find the right couple for your unique building.

As the “Cupola Specialists” of the area, we take great pride in working with our Amish craftsmen who build all of our products here. The handcrafted difference goes a long way to providing our customers with stunning and long-lasting cupola products. Below, learn more about the types of buildings we love to place cupolas on!

Churches & Other Places of Worship 

Traditionally, cupolas were placed on top of churches, cathedrals, and other important buildings as a way to signify religious importance. While they can now be used without a religious connotation, they still make a stunning addition to any important place of worship. In addition, other special add-ons like weathervanes can add religious symbols to enhance the look of these cupolas.

Schools & Educational Institutions 

Cupolas are also seen around town in many universities, colleges, and other educational buildings. The addition of a custom Valley Forge Cupola adds a unique flair to these buildings and adds a level of elegance.  Throughout college campuses, cupolas are also seen on other structures too such as outdoor gazebos.

Barns & Farmhouses

In rural settings, you may also see cupolas added to barns and farmhouses. While this does add style, many barns and farmhouses benefit from the functional purpose of a cupola, intended to enhance the ventilation of these spaces. We offer custom quotes, helping you to visualize what a cupola would like on top of your barn or farmhouse.

Cupolas for Every Building

Places of worship, education institutions, and farmhouses are just a few of the many types of buildings cupolas look great on. We offer the perfect selection of high-quality and durable products and weathervanes, perfectly matched to homes, businesses, and so much more. To learn more about our custom cupolas, contact us to speak with a specialist today!