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Understanding Cupola Sizing

The size of your cupola is one of the most important components to consider, yet often a confusing one. It can be challenging to select the right size cupola without some prior knowledge. That’s why we’re here to help at Valley Forge Cupolas! To make your life easier, we’ve designed cupola sizing charts to help guide your shopping process. 

To get started, begin by viewing our cupola sizing charts, which outline the importance of choosing the right size cupola based on your roof size. In the diagrams on this chart, it’s clear that choosing a cupola that is too small can completely defeat the point of adding a cupola at all! Cupolas are meant to be seen! On the other hand, selecting a cupola that is too large for the roof top can overwhelm the building and draw attention away from other important architectural elements.

General Rule of Thumb to Follow

The size of the cupola that is best for your building is dependent on several factors and can differ in individual situations. However, we like to go by a general rule of thumb which can be a great starting point to help you determine cupola sizing. Our general rule of thumb is to use 1.25” of cupola for every foot of unbroken roof ridge line. Of course, we’re always here to help answer any specific questions you may have about cupola sizing.

If you are thinking of a cupola for a large roof line, you may need two cupolas to create a balanced look. A solo cupola on a larger roof line can make the building appear unbalanced.

Sizing for Weathervanes

The addition of a weathervane to any cupola can complete the look while adding your own personal touch to a building. Just like the size of a cupola matters, the size of a weathervane is also very important to consider.

Most buildings will look best with a standard size weathervane, however, we also offer a great selection of smaller weathervanes which are great options for garages, sheds, or tiny buildings. The smaller weathervanes are designed to be used with cupolas that are 24” or less.