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Why You Should Illuminate Your Cupola at Night

A handcrafted cupola is a beautiful way to add life and character to your home. However, when night falls, your cupola might be hard to see. If you want to continue to show off your beautiful new cupola at all hours of the day, adding a cupola light is the best way to do so. 

Below, learn a bit more about the various ways you can illuminate your cupola for a nighttime glow. Lights can be adjusted on a timer so they will automatically come on when the dark comes, ensuring you don’t waste energy throughout the day.

Pendant Lights for a Glow

Some of our customers choose to install pendant lights on the ceiling of their cupola. Not only does this add illumination at night, but it allows you to enhance the aesthetic of your cupola. Pendant lights are a great way to make your cupola look different, adding a unique element to your home’s nighttime appeal.

Spot Lights

Spotlights are another option to illuminate your cupola at night. Spotlights are a great way to shine the entire cupola, highlighting its unique architectural details. Spotlights come in all different types and brightnesses, so be sure to do your research. Your neighbors will be jealous as soon as they see your home glow! 

LED Strips

Want to light up the outside of your cupola? Another great option is LED strips, an expensive way to add light to your cupola. These flexible light strips can be installed along the edges of your cupola. If you want to get extra festive, try adding color-changing LED strips (a fun way to add color to your home around the holidays).

Let Us Help

Choosing a cupola with windows that open is a great idea if you plan on illuminating your cupola at night. If you’re not sure what type of light is best for your style cupola or your home, we can help.

Call the Valley Forge Cupola specialists Beverly and Rick for more advice. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you beautifully illuminate your cupola.