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Your Mailbox is a Statement Piece for Your Home

At first glance, you might not think too hard about your home’s mailbox. After all, it’s just a place where you pick up the mail, right? Despite its functionality, a mailbox also serves as a statement piece for your home. Located at the curbside, a torn, old, or washed-out mailbox can bring down the appearance of your home. Not to mention, old mailboxes are likely to have worn-out numbering that can make it difficult for the postal service to locate.

If you’re thinking about a small upgrade to your home’s mailbox, Valley Forge Cupolas can help! We offer stunning hand-crafted mailboxes that are durable and stylish. You’ll be surprised how much a simple mailbox upgrade can do to improve your home’s curb appeal! Learn more about our handcrafted mailboxes below.

Janzer Mailboxes on Cellular-PVC Vinyl Posts

Once you decide to purchase a mailbox for your home, you’ll want to choose something attractive yet durable. Our Janzer mailbox collection features three textured mailbox options — bronze, white, or black. In addition, we also offer two bolder and glossy mailbox colors – burgundy or green. No matter which you choose, you are guaranteed the durability and craftsmanship of Valley Forge Cupola products.

The post your mailbox sits on will be made of our cellular-PVC vinyl, a material that is made to last. This material is made to last throughout all of the seasons. In terms of style, we offer a variety of posts that add more detail to your mailbox's final look. From modern to traditional, explore our full selection of vinyl posts to find a look that best meets your style and matches your home’s architectural style.

Numbering your New Mailbox

Of course, your mailbox won’t be complete with your home address numbering. Numbering should be bold, clear, and functional. We offer polished antique or brass numbering that is easy to spot from a distance, making mail delivery easier for your mailman. 

Have questions about purchasing a new mailbox, post, or numbers? Contact the team at Valley Forge Cupolas today! We are happy to answer all of your questions and guide you through the selection process.